Mangosteen Capsules 2 Months Supply

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Mangosteen 100% Whole Fruit Capsules

120 Capsules – 2 Months Supply
We have expanded the container size to 120 x 500mg mangosteen for every tub which gives two months’ (60-day) supply.
In return, we have accomplished a ZERO 10-year expansion in costs.

EAN: 0799439155275-2

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Mangosteen Capsules 2 Months Supply

Mangosteen Capsules 120 Capsules | ORAC Reading is 3,365,000 KG | Best Mangosteen Product Available.

Australian Made – Premium Brand since 2003.

More than 40 Antioxidants and polyphenols can offer advantages along with a well-balanced multi-vitamin program.

We have always given our customers the best possible product at the cheapest price possible.

We achieved this and are now eager for you to receive your order of our new mangosteen capsules.

The body needs at least 5000 ORAC (Antioxidants) daily to function satisfactorily. Vitalxan Mangosteen capsules ORAC score exceeds 3360gm which ensures your body is getting enough daily antioxidants if taken as a food supplement.

  • Pesticide & Preservative free
  • Cold processing strategies ensure optimum bioavailability and enzyme activity
  • Natural, high ORAC product containing no synthetic fillers, synthetic vitamins or processed components
  • 100 % Mangosteen, encapsulated in a veggie cap. Lactose/ Gluten Free.
  • Made in Australia


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1 review for Mangosteen Capsules 2 Months Supply

  1. Shing Kari

    I have recently tried these mangosteen capsules and found them to be very good. I would recommend them and will buy them again.

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